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Our Deluxe Janitorial Services


General Office Cleaning

We can offer deluxe top-to-bottom office cleaning or a regular general office cleaning that includes everything from all-surface dusting to wiping dirt and dust off chair legs. We can do everything from hand-wash or wipe blades and bulbs in ceiling fans (in our deluxe service) to cleaning light fixtures to removing cobwebs to hand-wiping (or dusting in regular cleanings) blinds, shutters, moldings, woodwork, window sills, and lock ledges. We also take special pride in cleaning baseboards (hand-washed and wiped on our deluxe service), lamps, lampshades, pictures, knick-knacks, computer desktops and screens (with total care), and all office furniture (including fronts, sides, legs)


Stripping and Refinishing Floors

We mix our own chemicals for both stripping and refinishing and have a “green” outlook without the harsh and potentially-dangerous industrial cleaners. First, we wet mop the entire area thoroughly to get out the major layers of dirt or grime. We pay special attention to wringing and cleaning the mops, so we don’t just spread around the grime on the flooring. We also use special edging tools to get in the cracks and crevices near the walls and doors. We have the most up-to-date rotary floor machines and automatic scrubbers to loosen the last dirt or grime particles before we apply the final touches: a clean stripping pad, a wet vacuum, and a “green” safe floor stripper. We make sure the surface is absolutely clean before we go to the refinishing and waxing stages. We also take special care to avoid wax buildup or using waxes which don’t bond with the floor and cause slick surfaces. Remember some of the old church flooring and all-wood basketball courts before non-slip wax was perfected in the 1960s? Those were not safe or pretty sights.

Trash Removal

Our employees are specially trained in tight bag removal of trash. We take special care not to drag bagged trash across floors, doors, driveways, or other surfaces, which might cause the bottom of the bags to disintegrate. We can make arrangements through our lawn services to remove all cuttings and trimmings or to work on a day before a city or town makes it usual curbside pickup, so the owners will not have refuse outside their establishments for a matter of days. We clean all our mops and dusters on-site and do not leave any cleaning material in the office after service. We take special care not to let overflows, smudges or scratches occur. You will find the office areas much cleaner and fresher than when Beck N Call first arrived. All trash can be taken off-site and disposed of with any level of services.

Lawn Service

We provide all basic lawn services plus many extras by request. We will mow, edge, clean lawn areas, trim shrubs, top trees, fertilize (no harsh chemicals), cross-cut, and even aerate soil if needed. Safety always comes first. We are very aware of potentially hazardous objects so we take extra care while mowing around trees and shrubs. We will have your lawn and surrounding shrubs and environs looking beautiful and almost manicured in no time.

"I've been using Beck N Call for over a year and am happy to say I'm very pleased with the service they provide. Their employees are friendly, courteous, dependable and provide a quality service. We have never had an occurrence in which they did not show up on a regular basis, very dependable in keeping schedules and do a fabulous job cleaning. I highly recommend to anyone looking for reliable high quality cleaning service to look at Beck N Call."

  - MS, Plano TX

We had Beck N Call clean our offices a few weeks ago, and I have told people not to step on our floors because they were so clean... literally. The office certainly needed a top-to-bottom cleaning, and it was just shining! The bathroom floors are still gleaming two weeks later, and we could not be happier with their work.

  - BB, Sachse TX

Everything went well. Your staff was courteous, professional, and did a great job. Thanks

  - BB, Garland Texas